Workaround to rewind HTML5 video on iPhone and iPod

If you’re reusing the same element and changing the “src” property, you’ll see videos won’t properly start from the beginning on iPhones and iPods with Mobile Safari and iOS 5/6. Setting “currentTime” also doesn’t work since it requires the native video player to be in full-screen mode. Sucks huh?

This should work for example (but doesn’t):

$('video')[0].src = "video.mp4";
$('video')[0].currentTime = 0;

The best workaround so far is to use <source> tags instead of the “src” property. For example:

$('video').html('<source type="video/mp4" src="video.mp4" />'); 
$('video').find('source').last().on('error', function() { alert('some error'); });

Give it a try.


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